Solar Air Conditioner 100% energy savings

Innovation in air conditioning technologies continues, with much recent emphasis placed on energy efficiency. Solar energy can now power high efficiency air conditioners and reduce prohibitive bills charged by utilities generating power from fossil fuel. Savings are accumulated for the lifetime of solar air conditioners. Solar powered equipment has an environmental impact in reducing greenhouse gasses. Start saving now, no more fuel surcharge, be energy independent. A free energy audits for your home or businesses is the first step. With this report your local bank will fund your energy project.

Included with Solar A/C System:








  • 16,000 Btu A/C, 1.33 Ton, high efficiency 0.7kW/ton.
  • 1,500 watts of solar panels.
  • Battery bank, 48V Lithium, 80 amp/hours, 10-year lifespan.
  • Rail roof mounts for solar panels.
  • Built-in connectors for solar panels.
  • Power supply and battery connectors.
  • 45 amp MPPT solar charge controller built into the A/C.
  • 1350 watt 115AC to 48VDC power converter.
  • DC overcurrent protection fuses and breakers installed in the air conditioner.
  • Quick fuses for solar surge protection and grounding are also installed in the unit.
  • You can order “split ductless”, it will need to be charged with 134a refrigerant. The standard line set of 6 meters (18-feet).
  • The air conditioners come with a one year warranty on parts, solar panels 25-year lifespan

Local bank is offering “Go Green” loans, up to 100% financing.

Click here for free energy survey, email utility invoices, technical specifications about A/C system, manufacturer, model, power in Btu and watts, years of operation and how many hours per day your A/C is operating. Information about your hot water tank can be added. This energy survey can be useful for negotiating a loan with your bank. The payback is about 4 years, after that period, energy for your A/C is practically free for many years (25-year lifespan for solar panels).

Split Unit, 32,000 BTu.

Solar Air Conditioner 32KBtu

High Efficiency Water Heater, (1kW electric = 3kW of water heater) plus free cooling!!!

Water Heater Heat Pump

The Facts (From Caribbean utility):

Air conditioning equipment is the largest consumer of electricity in homes and can contribute as much as 50% to 70% of your total electricity bill depending on hours of usage, maintenance and operating efficiency. Therefore, it is important for customers to pay close attention to the type of air conditioning equipment installed in their homes.

Water heating is one the largest energy expenses in your home next to air conditioning. It can account for 14% to 25% of the energy consumed in your home. There are many ways to cut your water heating bills: use less hot water, turn down the thermostat, add a timer, unplug the water heater when not in use, insulate it or buy a more efficient water heater

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