Energy Engineering Corp.

Energy Engineering Corp (EEC) is a company working in Renewable Energy and Cogeneration systems.  EEC first started operations in 1995 providing energy surveys for hotels and resorts located in Barbados, Bahamas, St Martin, Martinique and Guadeloupe to improve consumption on high-priced energy costs. These engineering analysis lead EEC toward renewable energy and particularly on wind energy.   

Since 1997, EEC has been involved in engineering surveys for wind / solar energy projects in The Caribbean. EEC assisted by organizations from Denmark, France, Canada and USA completed engineering and financial studies for MW scale projects in St Lucia, St Martin, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Bahamas and Antigua.

In cooperation with investment bankers, EEC is in charge of identifying potential wind / solar sites, sign agreements with landowners, implement wind data equipment systems, evaluate wind / solar energy production with financial profitability, permitting process, environmental impact assessment and governmental & utility communications and negotiations.

EEC and affiliates are combining 60 years of experience in designing solar and wind systems. Our projects are now totalizing more than 11MW in solar and 18MW in wind energy in the last 8 years. EEC & affiliates offer innovative turn-key solutions on both standardized and customized bases, in order to respond to a wide-range of energy supply needs for rooftops and ground-mounted solar installations. These systems generate and sell energy back to the distribution grid for industrial, public and commercial buildings, farms, service centers and individual housing. In addition to structuring our teams of technical professionals, Energy Engineering Corporation implements arrangements with financial experts to finalize business plans and establish contacts with government representatives. Thus we are able to maximize available financial grants from local governmental authorities.

EEC as been providing professional engineering and consulting services for over 27 years. Here is a summary of major clients with description of engineering services provided:

  • Hydro Québec, major Canadian utility, electronic feeder simulator for nuclear power station.
  • Kruger, Canadian paper manufacturer, efficiency monitoring systems.
  • Canadian Broadcasting Corp, video generators.
  • Transcontinental Printing, Canadian book printer, 2 axes high positioning controller, efficiency monitoring systems and energy controllers.
  • Energy audits for hotels & resorts in Bahamas, St Lucia, Barbados, St Martin, Guadeloupe & Martinique.  
  • Viking Windfarm A/S, Danish independent power producer, windfarm studies for The Caribbean market.
  • Financiere du Cedre, French investment banker, engineering to implement a 6MW windfarm in Guadeloupe.
  • Oyster Bay Development & Management Inc, USA investors, engineering to implement a 12MW windfarm in Guadeloupe.
  • APUA utility, engineering report for imlementing national energy policy in Antigua.


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