How much is your home worth with solar air conditioning?

Profit from your roof or unused ground spaces and eliminate or reduce your power bills. Install solar panels with high efficiency air conditioner and water heater and join the solar revolution. Local banks are ready for helping establishing these facilities without any extra investments. Powering air conditioners represents 40% – 60% of your energy bills. With such huge importance, air conditioning is the first step into renewable energy. This system should be “off-grid”, meaning not connected to local utility. In this “off-grid” mode, solar panels will charge battery banks allowing air conditioner working overnight. Solar panels have 25-year lifespan and most equipment composing an air conditioning system could be operational from 5 to 10 years. Implementing “off-grid” solar air conditioning system will flattened tariffs, without any “fuel charge” from local utility.

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How will the rush by utilities to build solar and other renewables fit into the overall picture?

Utilities are money makers, they first please shareholders and generate income (tax) for governments. This approach leave the average homeowners and small businesses as money generator for these organizations. Tariffs can only be reduced by few pennies when utilities take the path for renewable energy.

The solution for homeowners and small businesses is to reduce energy consumption by installing high efficiency apparatus powered by solar or wind energy systems. These systems equipped with energy storage devices, are not connected to utility grid and therefore will not affect utility generating facilities. In adding an energy converter (DC to AC), a solar air conditioner can provide emergency power backup at any time. With an energy report stating financial advantages for integrating solar air conditioner, your bank will offer financial leverage allowing you or small business generating savings from day one.

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Solar Investment Opportunity

Caribbean Utility Corporation or CUC has a strong financial structure being active on the Toronto Stock Exchange for many years. Solar projects in The Caribbean under this feed-in-tariff coupled with high solar radiation in the Caribbean present the best ROE for investors. Germany, England and now Canada (Ontario) are offering attractive FIT, but solar radiation in these countries will never reach the level of The Caribbean. This unique investment opportunity of solar project in The Caribbean is opening for establishing an offshore opportunity in a strong and reliable financial environment.

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