Guadeloupe 5MW Windfarm

Desbonnes, Wind Project for SaleEnergy Engineering Corp.


Energy Engineering Corp (EEC) is announcing a wind project for sale. This project is in development since 2000 and located in Guadeloupe French West Indies, (near Barbados). Desbonnes’ permit has been issued in 2010 and energy output is predicted to be 11GWh per year with 6 X 850kW Gamesa. This represents 20% of current wind energy generated in Guadeloupe. Desbonnes windfarm in Guadeloupe will increase renewable energy production from 3.1% to 3.7%.

The windfarm

Desbonnes has 20-year leasing with 2 landowners in Guadeloupefor siting 6 X 850 kW Gamesa G52 at 55 meters above ground level. This windfarm requires an investment of 13 400 000 €. The startup is planned for 2016. This project has access to tax credit and grant programs from local government to a level near 50%.

North view of Desbonnes, Guadeloupe, West Indies.


Power Purchase Agreement with EDF

A Power Purchase Agreement with Électricité de France (EDF), Fitch rated “AA” French Electric Utility, has been made for a 15-year PPA at a price of 0.118€/kWh (about US$0.125/kWh) which is indexed near 1% to 1.5% per year. Guadeloupe is a French Territory and under the French Law, the local utility EDF has the obligation to buy all renewable energy produced at the tariff enacted by the French government. The French government is targeting 50% of renewable energy by 2020.


Selling Price

EEC is selling Desbonnes, 5.1MW (6 X 850kW) at current market price of US$200K/MW, or 1,000,000€. Energy Engineering Corp is seeking for offers; terms of sale and modalities of transfer are negotiable.



South view of Desbonnes.

Desbonnes’ windfarm in numbers:

  1000 X Project

Desbonnes, Guadeloupe
Number of Wind Turbines


Maximum power


Annual production


Total Investment

13,400 €

Rate of depreciation for 15 years


Taxation rate


Local Tax


Index of living


Index Tariff

1.00% – 1.50%

Tariff 2016 Euro/kWh:

0.118 €




 Desbonnes windfarm site, north of Guadeloupe, West Indies.


For about 10% equity this opportunity gives access to a minimum of 45% grants from the French government and European funds with a 15-year PPA with utility having strong AA reputation worldwide. In today’s tense worldwide financial turmoil, this project will be the last opportunity to offer 45% grants. This is a great opportunity for investors looking for profitable timing with Euro currency currently at US$1.06 only. Over the last 10 years Euro was at higher value from US$1.20 – US$1.40.  EEC is currently developing a 12MW windfarm (6 X G80-2000kW) project 3Km east of Desbonnes and is offering to any new potential owner in lockdown to give the first right of refusal until this new windfarm will be ready to implement.

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