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Oyster Bay Development & Management (OBD&M) is announcing a wind project for sale. This project is in development since 2006 and 70% of the shares are for sale. Portlands is well positioned for future renewable energy development in Guadeloupe. Local governments are now promoting renewable energy in targeting 50% goals in renewable for 2020. Portlands’ energy output is predicted at 26GWh per year; this represents 50% of current wind energy generated in Guadeloupe. With Portlands, wind energy in Guadeloupe will increase from 3.1% to 4.7%. This project will require financing for completing permitting with local governments. Environmental impact study and wind energy assessment are completed and land lease agreements are secured for 25 years.

Portlands windfarm, photomontage, 6 X 2MW windturbines seen from the north at 3.5Km (2 miles).

The windfarm

OBD&M owns 70% of the French company “Énergie Portlands” with 20-year leasing in Guadeloupe for siting 6 X 2000 kW Gamesa G80 at 78 meters above ground level. This windfarm requires total investment of 26M€. The startup is planned for 2017. This project has access to tax credit and grant programs from local French government and European fund.

Status of the permit

The permit presented in 2007 has been refused by the government in 2009 due to a future “landscaping protection” for tourism in the north of the island. This protected area is not enacted and the government is still not ready to step into a public hearing for bringing this zoning into law. Local authority has indicated that Energie Portlands should applied for a permit by 2016 due to new goals of 50% in renewable energy by 2020.

Renewable energy has reached 12% in Guadeloupe. The French government has enacted laws requiring 50% of renewable energy by 2020. Wind energy being a major source of renewable energy, Portlands’ windfarm is among the best renewable energy projects in Guadeloupe.

Portlands windfarm, photomontage, 6 X 2MW windturbines seen from the south at 1.0Km (0.6 mile).

Selling Price

OBD&M is selling 70% of Energie Portlands. At current market price of US$200K/MW if the permit is issued, the selling price should be near US$2.4M. OBD&M is still working & participating with local authorities to obtain the permit. Meanwhile OBD&M and Energy Engineering Corp are seeking for offers. Terms of sale and modality of transfer are negotiable.

Portlands’ windfarm in numbers:



Portlands, Guadeloupe
Number of Wind Turbines


Maximum power


Annual production


Total Investment

25,651 €

Rate of depreciation for 15 years


Taxation rate


Local Tax


CO2 Fund

90,000 €

5 €

Index of living


Index Tariff

1.0% – 1.5%

Tariff 2017 Euro/kWh:

0.12 €



 A map showing Portlands & Desbonnes windfarms in northeast of Guadeloupe, sitting of wind turbines (“+” sign) and power transmission lines. Desbonnes is owned by Energy Engineering Corp.

Portlands windfarm, photomontage, 6 X 2MW windturbines seen from the west at 3.0Km (1.8 mile).

For Sale

Oyster Bay Development & Management is offering 70% of the shares for “Energie Portlands”. Energy Engineering Corp owns the remaining 30% shares. As stated above Portlands is a unique powerful door for renewable energy in Guadeloupe. The government has fixed 50% from renewable energy in 2020, and Portlands has the key for reaching this goal.

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