Hotel Solar Chillers (tons)

High Efficiency Chiller
Integrated Plant Package

Compared to traditional field erected plant solutions, integrated plant package (IPP) has a lower installed cost, a lower operating cost and lower full life cost. The technology and Hartman LOOP control methodology combine to provide the owner with the highest operating efficiency, of 0.50 kW/ton on an annual average basis, versus 0.85 kW/ton to 1.3 kW/ton for a traditional plant. With Vertical In-line pumps and oil-free magnetic bearing compressors annual maintenance costs are all but eliminated. Systems with the chemical free cooling tower water treatment system have the added savings of no chemical treatment contract costs.

IPP Chiller

IPP plant is the most environmentally friendly solution available today with the highest operating efficiency, smallest physical footprint, oil-free magnetic compressors, and chemical free cooling tower water treatment.

Energy Engineering Corp (EEC) can integrate high efficiency chiller/pumps systems with solar energy for free energy cooling for 20 years+.

Operator simplicity, ease of access, system flexibility, and monitoring services offered with the IPP-CHW plant’s Integrated Plant Controller (IPC) make the automation system a welcomed addition to any modern operation. With the ability to provide web access, emailed data / alarms, remote monitoring, plant equipment data, equipment Installation and Operating manuals, alarm history, downloadable excel formatted operating data, scalability for allow for future plant additions, full access to field adjustable parameters (no hard-coded parameters), system performance trends and full read / write integration any building automation system, the IPC makes the IPP-CHW plant more user friendly than any other on the market.

Pumps Chiller

Contact EEC for requesting energy audit that will evaluate payback period for high efficiency chiller system for your hotel.

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